The Studio

Located in a Masonic Temple built in 1897, Temple Electric Recorder occupies the ground floor of the the 30,000 square foot building. Established in 2002, the studio features a 2500 square foot live room and a vintage vibe.

While employing the convenience of software (current version of Pro Tools, UAD, etc.), the emphasis at Temple is on analog hardware.
At the heart of the studio is a vintage Trident 80c 32×24 console, and the racks are filled with both vintage and new outboard gear. Lots of tubes, transformers and magnetic tape lend to getting that rich, analog sound.

The vibe is very much about state-of-the-art circa 1985 (with the addition of modern software).

Built for comfort…
The studio not only includes a spacious control room and massive live room, but also features the ‘TempleSound’ 36′ x 28′ echo chamber, a 12′ x 8′ isolation room and a planned 13′ x 12′ isolation booth. There are also several lounge areas (including the vintage video game lounge), a kitchenette, large, clean restroom and in house-repair/ maintenance facility; all of which are climate controlled. All of this combines in an effort to provide a comfortable, relaxing environment in which your vision can be realized.

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