Temple owner and primary engineer Bryn Zellers, has been a performing and recording musician since the early 1980s, as well as a visual artist and filmmaker.

His career in a recording studio environment began in 1981 in the Chicago area when his rock band decided to record some original material and booked time in a professional studio. Bryn was mesmerized by the process and enrolled in a audio and video production program at his high school. There, he learned basic recording techniques and practices including editing tape on a splicing block. Over the years, Bryn has recorded in many studios, most professional, some not. He has worked engineering and producing recordings on a wide range of formats including multi-track open reel machines, Nagra portables, cassette multi-tracks, ADAT, and various hard disk formats. Working in film and video allowed Bryn to work with many artists including Wayne Kramer (a production which earned Bryn an IMDB director credit) and Lemmy! In 1995, as part of his film and video production company, Slaghammer Productions, he added a ProTools (version 3!) recording facility including a drum booth and a 2000 square foot live room.

Bryn has played and recorded with many bands including The Kids (Chicago),Happy Toons (Chicago), Circus of Death (Pittsburgh), Sacred Hate (Youngstown), King Mother (Youngstown), SuperBird (Youngstown), Pig Milk Johnson (NYC), and his current project, MoonStation Burning.

In 2002, Bryn purchased a Masonic Temple built in 1897; Temple Electric Recorder was born. After going through several incarnations in different parts of the the 30,000 square foot building, the studio has been finally built on the ground floor with a 2500 square foot live room.


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